Department Of Dentistry


Department of Dentistry is existing since the inception of Govt. Medical College, Akola in 2002. It is well equipped with equipments (except Metal and Ceramic Laboratory) and staff as per MCI norms and in terms of excellent patient care.

Our department offers undergraduate medical students extensive exposure to the Dental speciality which encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of Dental diseases through lectures, clinics and Practicals. The department is also actively involved in the National programme for Tobacco prevention and control of Dental diseases by arranging regular camps in schools, visits to schools for Blind, Mentally retarted children, Oldage and Orphans Homes and education of general public through audiovisual aids. The patient being the main focus of attention, the department is committed to ensure accessible, high quality and ethical health care.

  • To provide excellent Dental care to the patients
  • To provide excellent student education by teaching best current practices in patient care and educate the students to understand the speciality.
  • We conduct clinical and basic practices to share knowledge amongst medical and nursing students.
  • We value collaboration and synergy with related specialities so as to provide best patient care.
  • To establish a state of art centre for Dental implant surgery.
  • To establish a centre for the treatment of Oral cancer patients in collaboration with General Surgery and ENT wherein all modern treatment modalities and amenities are provided.
  • To establish the Oral Precancer, Cancer, Diagnosis, Treatment and Counselling centre under National Tobacco Control Programme in association with Health Services.
  • To develop Metal and Ceramic laboratory for Crowns and Bridges.
  • To start Fellowship and Certicate Course in Oral Implantology and Faciomaxillary Injury course respevtively in the department.
  • General Dental diseases Diagnosis and treatment planning is done by the department.
  • Various diseases, syndromes such as Ecodermal Dysplasia syndromes, Lesions like various red and white oral lesions,Disoredres manifesting and affecting the oral Cavity ,the jaw disorders like fracture of jaws,TMJ joint disorders like dislocation of TMJ, MPDS are treated by the department.
  • Effects of Dental Caries and its various treatment modalities, Gingival and Periodontal Diseases and its various treatment procedures, Malocclusion and its deleterious effects on oral and General Health are explained to patients through posters and models.
  • Exodontia practices under Local anesthetic dental block are performed on patients and teaching for the same is conducted for Mediacl students.
  • Emergecy management of Maxillofacial Trauma is done in Csaulty and later on surgical procedures if required are carried in the Operation Thaeter under General Anaesthesia.
  • Rehabilition programme for the elderely and Edentulous patients in terms of Complete Denture and Partial Denture Prosthesis are run by the department.
  • Maxillofaical Prosthesis like Obturator, Prosthesis for Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate patients are fabricated.
  • Regular and periodical regimen for Plaque Control and Oral health care is done by the department.
  • The department of Dentistry has one clinical Unit.
  • The teaching staf comprises of: Professor-1, Associate Professor-1, Assistant Professor -1, Dental Surgeon -1 Senior Resident -2, and Junior Resident -3
  • The paramedical staff includes-Dental Hygienist-1, Dental Mechanic-1
  • The department of Dentistry out patient department runs 6 days/week.
  • Emergency Dental services are provided round the clock.
  • Dental routine surgical procedures are done 6day/week in Dental Mionr Operation Theater.
  • Speciality Practices like jaw fracture cases are conducted weekly once.
  • Age Estimation for Medicolegal Cases are performed in association with Radiology, Physiology and FMT.
  • Lectures and Clinics are conducted for the 7thterm undergraduate students as per the academic timetable.
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Varsha Jadhao Professor
2 Dr. Dinesh Naitam Associate Professor & HOD
3 Dr. Gaurao Pimpale Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Dental Surgeon
5 Dr. Manisha Rathod Senior Resident
6 Dr. Aditee Sakrikar Senior Resident
7 Dr. Amar Bhuibhar Junior Resident
8 Dr. Priti Bagdi Junior Resident
9 Dr.Varsha Wanare Junior Resident
10 Shri. Mujbeer Rehman Dental Hygienist
11 Shri. Pranao Uke Dental Mechanics
Awards & Achievements
  • NIL