Department of ENT is existing since the inception of Govt. Medical College, Akola in 2002. It is well equipped with equipments and staff as per MCI norms and in terms of excellent patient care. It is probably the first Govt. Medical College in Maharashtra to have ancilliary staff (Audiologist and Speech therapist ) separately.

Our department offers undergraduate medical students extensive exposure to the speciality which encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases throught Didactic lectures, clinics and Tutorials. The department is also actively involved in the National programme for prevention and control of Deafness by arranging regular camps in schools, visits to schools for deafmute children and education of general public through audiovisual aids. The patient being the main focus of attention, the department is committed to ensure accessible, high quality and ethical health care.

  • We provide excellent medical and surgical care to the patients
  • We provide excellent student education by teaching best current practices in patient care and educate the students to understand the speciality and pursue carreer for those interested in Otorhinolaryngology
  • We conduct clinical and Basic research to share knowledge, identify best practices and fill knowledge gaps.
  • We value collaboration and synergy with related specialities so as to provide best patient care.
  • To establish a state of art centre for cochlear implant surgery.
  • To establish a centre for the treatment of Head and neck cancer patients where all modern treatment modalities and amenities are provided.
  • To develop a programme to control the preventable deafness.
  • To provide competency based medical education to the undergraduate students.
  • To start Post graduate degree course in the department.
  • General ENT disorders treatment is done by the department.
  • Audiological services are provided by the department.
  • Diagnosis, investigations and treatment of Balance disorders speciality clinics is run by the department.
  • Speciality clinics related to diseases of nose and paranasal sinuses is run by the department.
  • Special clinics are arranged for the management of Head and neck cancers.
  • Rehabilition programme for the differently abled population is run by the department.
  • Special clinics are conducted for the speech and swallowing disorders.
  • Regular and dedicated teaching programme for undergraduate students and their periodical evaluation is done by the department.
  • The ENT department has one clinical Unit.
  • There are 30 beds for male and female indoor patients in separate wards.
  • The teaching staf comprises of: Professor-1, Associate Professor-1, Assistant Professor -2, Senior Resident -2, Junior Resident - 2
  • The paramedical staff includes - Audiologist-1, Speech therapist-1
  • The ENT out patient department runs 6days/week.
  • Emergency ENT services are provided round the clock.
  • ENT routine operations are done 4 days/week.
  • Speciality clinics are conducted weekly once.
  • The issue of Handicap certificates to the Deaf patients is done on 3 days/ week.
  • The undergraduate clinical posting is conducted throughout the academic year as per the timetable.
  • Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials are conducted for the 4th ,6th and 7th term undergraduate students.
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. A.M.Pawde Professor and Head
2 Dr. R.M.Chaurpagar Associate Professor
3 Dr. Sandip Dabhekar Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Parag V Doifode Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Bhagyashri Chiplunkar Senior Resident
6 Dr. Swati Baichwal Senior Resident
7 Dr. Jyoti Renge Junior Resident
8 Dr. Ashwini Gohatre Junior Resident
9 Ku. Sunita Dalbehra Audiologist
10 Shri. Vishal Hiremath Speech Therpist
11 Shri. Premanand Rathod Jr. Clerk

Awards and Achievements

  • The undergraduate ENT students have secured first place by winning " Undergraduate ENT QUIZ" at Vidarbha level in 2015. GMC,Akola is the first Govt. Medical College to win this quiz from outside the Nagpur city.
  • ICMR has accepted and permitted to conduct a clinical study " Clinical profile of Deafmute Children" under the Guideship of Dr. Mrs. Chaurpagar, Associate Professor in the department.
  • The Department has recently conducted a live Web Telecast on 19/8/2016 of live ENT surgery transmitted from Mandya (Karnataka) performed by eminent ENT surgeons of country.