Department of General Medicine


Department of Medicine at Goverment Medical C ollege Akola established in 2003 . department undertakes undergraduate teaching programmes, examinations, patient care 24 x 7 in and around akola district. Department mainly deals with diseases of heart, brain, lungs, joints, connective tissue, endocrinology, snake bites, life threatening poisoning patients as tertiary care center.Yeraly deparment attends nearly 1.5 lacs OPD patients and about 7500 patients indoor. Deparment has highly trained staff with latest instruments and equipments like ventilators, multipara monitors, 2d echo machine, central O2 , etc.

  1. To strengthen department by fulfilling deficiencies of teaching staff as per MCI guidelines.
  2. To achieve best academic standards for undergraduate students
  3. To start post graduate courses as early possible to facilitate and improve patient care.
  • To make department as best teaching department in providing academic knowledge
  • To provide tertiary care to poor patient by strengthing post graduate courses and superspecility clinics and hospital
  • To start research activities in form of recent and advanced investigations to improve hospital services.
  • To provide best academic knowledge, skills and behavioural attributes to undergraduate students.
  • To provide upgraded and recent treatment modalities to needy patients effectively by strengthening department by starting postgraduate courses.
Organization & structure:-

Staff position:
Professor/Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor/ Tutor
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Y. V. Bansod Professor
2 Dr. M. D. Ashtaputre Associate Professor
3 Dr. Sunita Ade Associate Professor
4 Dr. Abhijit Adgaonkar Associate Professor
5 Dr. Shrikant Kale Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Prashant Malviya Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Apeksha Malviya Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Rohan Tewani Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Gaurav S. Padia Assistant Professor
10 Dr Amol Bhagat Sr. Resident
11 Dr. Sunita Devikar Sr. Resident
Junior Resident
Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Yasmin Choudhari Jr. Resident
2 Dr. Atul Runwal Jr. Resident
3 Dr Vipin D. Jadhao Jr. Resident
4 Dr. Pooja Zatale Jr. Resident
5 Dr. Saiyad Faizan Jr. Resident
6 Dr. Swapnil Kakad Jr. Resident
7 Dr. Prajyot Ingale Jr. Resident
8 Dr. Chandansing Tanwar Medical Officer
9 Dr. Purushotam Agrawal Medical Officer
10 Dr. Priya Paralikar Medical Officer
11 Dr. Mansi Mendaki Medical Officer
12 Dr. Nisha Rathi Medical Officer
13 Dr. Pratik Dhopte Medical Officer
14 Dr. Nilesh Patidar Medical Officer

4 rooms for senior residents and junior residents for patient examination, 2 rooms for unit incharge and associate and assistant professors, 1 spacious 50 seating capacity teaching room, ecg room, emergency management room with equipped with all emergency resuscitation druds and instruments. Seprate rooms for speciality clinics.

150 beded indoor ward for five teaching units.
20 beded well equipped ( most latest equipments and instruments) INTENSIVE CORONARY AND MEDICAL CARE UNIT

Appropriate seating arrangements for all senior and junior faculties in department. 50 sitting capacity demonstration hall equipped with library. 150 sitting capacity lecture hall for undergraduate students.

Awards & Achievements:

  1. 3 research publications by faculties in last 1c year
  2. Professor and head is appointed as regular MCI inspector as well as PG examiner for universities examinations and DNB examinations.