Department Of Physiology

List of Publications

Sr. No. Name of Author Subject of Paper Name of Journal Vol Page No. Date of Publication
1 Dr. A.B. Warkar Study of Electrocardiographic & Echo cardiographic adaptive changes in endurance athletes NJRIM Vol5 Issue-4 51-55 2014
2 Dr. Anju Asia Body fat topography and waist hip ratio in female handball players International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology Vol 4 Issue-3 307 July- Sept 2013
3 Dr. Anju Asia Auditory and Visual Reaction Time in Taekwondo Players International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology Vol 8 Issue-3 176-177 2013
4 Dr. Pravin P. Shekokar Effect Of Obesity On Resting Heart Rate Among Medical Students International Journal of Biological & Medical Research Vol-4 Issue-4 3593-3596 2013
5 Dr. Pravin P. Shekokar Effect of acute myocardial infarction on serum zinc level Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research Vol-3 Issue-1 80-87 December 2013
6 Dr. Pravin P. Shekokar Study of serum zinc in diabetes mellitus Indian Journal of Basic & Applied Medical Research Vol-2 Issue-8 977-983 September 2013:
7 Dr.Prashant T. Tayade Glycated Hemoglobin pattern and its correlation with lipid profile in type-2 diabetic males in central India National Journal of Community Medicine Vol-4 Issue-4 564-569 Oct – Dec 2013
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