Department Of Physiology


The Department of Physiology is among the premier departments in Government Medical College, Akola started with the inception of the institute.

Physiology provides the basis for understanding the functions of organ systems of human body and underlying mechanisms that provide the physiological basis of disease and treatment. Physiology isbeing taught as a major subject during first year in MBBS curriculum.

The rapid evolution in understanding the physiological sciences, has led to emphasize on learning the fundamental principles of various mechanisms and functions from cell to systems of the body in its clinical relevance.

Physiology as a subject in medical science has changed over the years from its non clinical to preclinical format with the incorporation of Applied and clinical Physiology.

Physiology offers a holistic concept of function, integration & dysfunction of body systems and Physiological basis of management and prevention of diseases.

  • The Mission of the Department of Physiology is to carry out scientific research and evidence-based teaching.
  • To train & teach Undergraduate and Post graduate medical students about the normal functioning of body & its applications to the health care of patients and society.
  • To promote the personal, professional development and communication skill of the personnel within the department
  • To teach undergraduate and post graduate students in physiology and providing the students comprehensive knowledge of the normal functions of the organ systems of the body to facilitate an understanding of the physiological basis of health and diseases.
  • Improving learning and education of physiology in integrative manner.
  • Enhancement of and improvement of research activities.
  • To train Post Graduate students in teaching Physiology.
  • To adopt relevant and innovative teaching programs supported by appropriate and recognized research activities driven by suitable qualified personnel.
  • To establish a well equipped functional Yoga Laboratory for teaching and advanced research in Yoga regarding various physiological and clinical aspects.
Functions & Objectives
  • The broad objectives of the undergraduate program of physiology are to instill in its graduates a solid foundation of Physiological principles of various systems of human body in relevance to the clinical signs and symptoms of disease and to develop intellectual skills essential for success in their careers.
  • Participation in a culture of collective responsibility for the quality and conduct of our graduate and undergraduate training programs.
  • To teach & conduct examinations & Research for Undergraduate and Post Graduate students in Physiology.
  • To promote horizontal and vertical integrated teaching.
  • To continuously update the knowledge of faculties by conducting/participating in various journal clubs, CME, workshops and conferences.
  • To carry out the pulmonary function tests for research and clinical purposes.
  • To carry out the neurophysiological tests like Nerve conduction studies.
Organization Structure & Chart
  • Physiology department of GMC, Akola has three unique domains. They are academics, research and patient care.
  • The academic aspect is that every year it imbibes around 2 MD students with the training of 150 MBBS students. Students are actively encouraged to do short term students research projects funded by ICMR, which enables them to have research publications and makes them eligible for future international and national research and other academic opportunities.
  • Physiology Department has Hematology, Experimental Physiology, Clinical Physiology and Human Physiology Laboratory.
  • There are two Demonstration rooms well equipped with audiovisual aids.
  • Animal animation videos are used for postgraduate teaching for mammalian experiments.
  • It has also Post Graduate Research lab which contains various instruments like computerized pulmonary function machine, Nerve conduction machine.
  • Yoga laboratory has been set up temporarily in the PG research lab with available Yoga mats, Yoga related CDs and Books.
  • Departmental Museum has been temporarily set up; it has various models, informative charts and Nobel laureates and Scientist.
  • The department has one professor, two associate professors, three assistant professors and three tutors. All are actively involved in academics, research and patient care.
  • All faculties are guides and supervisors to MD scholars of the department and co-guides to the other departments of the institute. In addition to guiding students all faculty pursue their own research projects.
  • Non teaching staff has 1 lab technician/lab assistant, clerk cum typist and lab attendant.
Awards & Achievements
  • Organizing student's Seminars, Horizontal Integration programmes & Quiz. And allow students to participate in such events at regional level.
  • Third Prize in Vidarbha Level Physiology Quiz competition held on 12/03/2012 at NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur.
  • About 30 research papers have been published in various index national/international journals by department faculties
  • Various papers presented by faculties in national and regional conferences.
  • Appreciation of the department for the successful participation in mega health camp organized by the district level authorities in which the stall of department of physiology was arranged for providing the information like exercise diet risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and calculations of height weight, BMI and waist hip ratio.