Department of Respiratory Medicine


Department of Respiratory medicine was started in GMC in 2002. The Department of Respiratory Medicine is geared to deal with the whole array of respiratory disorders like Asthma, COPD, Pneumonias, Interstitial Lung diseases, Lung cancer and Tuberculosis. Our philosophy is to provide personalized Care to all our patients round the clock. We strive hard not only to deal with the acute problems but also to build up an ongoing bond with our patients.

The Department is equipped with advanced Lung function lab, Spirometry and Fibro-optic bronchoscope. We also run DOTS Centre and PMDT. Department is committed to ensure accessible, high quality and ethical care for all patients attending to this hospital.

  • To provide quality service to the patients.
  • Improve DOTS services.
  • Reduce morbidity and mortality due to tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.
  • To screen all the cases of extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis for drug resistance by Gene Xpert.
  • To screen and treat patients with allergic predilection, presenting as Asthma.
  • To start Post graduate Diploma and Degree courses for Respiratory Medicine.
  • To significantly improve the successful outcomes of Drug resistant cases.
  • Educate the patients regarding tuberculosis disease.
  • To carry out research.
  • To start Interventional Pulmonology including Thoracoscopy, Pleuroscopyand interventional Bronchoscopies.
  • To establish sleep lab.
  • To provide Gene Xpert services to all patients of tuberculosis.
  • To achieve decreased morbidity and mortality of HIV- associated TB.
  • To establish independent Thoracic Medicine department and integrate and coordinate with Thoracic Surgery unit in upcoming super-speciality hospital.
  • To reduce the incidence of MDR and XDR tuberculosis by strict implementation of national programmes.
Function and objective
  • To improve knowledge of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of respiratory medicine.
  • Sensitization of medical and paramedical staff in National programs for control of tuberculosis.
  • To implement national programs like RNTCP and PMDT for treatment of MDR and XDR Tb patients.
Organization structure and chart
  • Prof. and HOD :- Dr. Amol Fuladi
  • Asso. Prof. :- Dr. D.H. Bhise
  • Asst. Prof. :- Dr. Piyush Gupta
  • Senior Resident :-Dr. Ashish Salkar
  • Junior Resident :- 1.Dr. Sharad Patil. and 2. Dr. Amar Wagh